LGBTQIA+ Lounge & Bar/Cafe on Adamantoise

| Aether | Adamantoise | Lav Beds | W27 P28 |

    Thursday, March 7 [10pm-1am EDT]

    Feat. The Missing Peace & Lapulapu

    [more info & flyer coming soon]

      The Helix Nebula Lounge

      I Y K Y K

      ID: Helix-Nebula
      PW: DarknessOfSpace

      About Us

      The Helix Nebula is an LGBTQIA+ lounge/bar style venue hidden away in the Lavender Beds for the past 2 years. Our purpose is to promote love, inclusion and good vibes -AKA that thing called "having fun". This is just a place to chill, enjoy time with friends and maybe make new ones ♥When do we open? We open, when we open. If you know, you'll know. Just keep an eye out on this site, perhaps a party finder Ad on Aether or if you happen to follow one of our staff members on twitter/x then you'll possibly see a flyer when we open. Otherwise, there is no discord to have to join, there is no shouts in your cities. We won't be part of that clutter.

      All we ask that you just be yourself, come with friends, or meet new friends and clear your mind of your worries, and just have some fun. We enjoy providing a safe place to come vibe, dance, roleplay at our bar with drinks, food and just chill.

      Helix DJ Fam:

      The Missing Peace

      aka "The Snowfather"

      Helix Staff Fam:

      Owner/Manager: Aurora Nebula
      MGMT for The Missing Peace
      Princeess Haki & Seida Fox

      Bar Mgr: Asteria Nebula

      Door Maestro: Morrigan Nyx

      Smol Greeter: Kukulu Kulu

      Profile Website:
      Booking Info: Supernova MGMT
      or DM aurora.nebula on discord
      Genres: Goth, Industrial, EBM, Tribal Noise, Darkwave & Synthwave

      Hand Pressed Espresso

      Shouts ambassador/Greeter: Pepe Pewla

      Photographer: Lina Urumetlillith

      Door Maestro/Greeter: Daen Felvast

      The Helix Nebula Schedule:

      (All dates/info are subject to change)


      The Red Planet

      - 20,000 GIL

      Cocktail of Vodka, Blue Curaçao, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, & Energy Drink mixed in with glowing phosphorus ice like the star it was made after granting a bluish purple hue

      The Galaxy Cocktail

      - 8,000 GIL

      Blue Curacao, Grendaine and Rolanberry Lemonade, with a slice of Honey Lemon chilled and shaken with twinkling star shaped ice resembling the night sky

      The Red Planet

      - 7,000 GIL

      Teal sanding sugars bonded to the glass before mixing in a sweet and sour aroma of Amaretto, Grendaine and Orange Bitters mixed to into a bright red detail

      Hand Pressed Espresso

      Midnight Fog Cocktail▲
      - 15,000 GIL

      Midnight Fog marries the warm, dark oaky notes of bourbon and scotch with the sweet spiciness of black plum syrup infused with activated charcaol powder to give it that jet black color. The added Lemon juice provides some lift, and Angostura bitters add depth of flavor. While this is a spirit forward cocktail (literally and figuratively) the sinnamon (you read that correctly) and rosemary kick off a spice before the dry ice causes a billowing fog from the glass

      Hand Pressed Espresso

      ▲Black Widow
      - 10,000 GIL

      A rare Black Absinthe imported from The Void that comes in a bottle shaped like a Hyur's skull. Meticulously poured ice cold Gridanian Water over the dark plum sugar cubes that cause a spirit to awaken inside of this liquor causing the inside of the dark brooding drink to emit a red glow from within. We're told the red glow is the memories of an ancient memoria crystals contained within the Absinthe. Use caution when drinking more than one of these as it could cause you to become enthralled to the music.


      Hand Pressed Espresso

      Hand Pressed Espresso▲
      - 6,000 GIL

      Fine ground coffee, hand pressed and brewed to perfection

      Hand Pressed Espresso

      ▲Hot Bubble Chocolate
      - 10,000 GIL

      Hand made Bubble Chocolate by our bartender Asteria Nebula melted into a mix of soothing hot milk and dash of vanilla. Served with an additional piece of chocolate for later, or perhaps to add more flavor while it's still hot

      Gridanian Mineral Water

      Gridanian Mineral Water▲
      - 5,000 GIL

      Don't need the liquor or the caffiene? We offer an ice cold bottle of mineral water filtered from the fresh water rivers of Gridania

      Gridanian Mineral Water

      - 25,000 GIL

      Fresh rapid baked pizza from dough prepared the day of opening. Delicious seasoned marinara topped with fresh cheese, pepperoni and even MORE cheese.

      If that's not enough for the naysayers of "its too much cheese!" the crust is stuffed with even more extra plump sticks of more melted cheese!!

      Gone, but legends are never forgotten, nor are good friends. We miss you.

      Hand Pressed Espresso